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We are proud of our high quality commercial slush machines we sell throughout the UK. All backed up with slush machine after sales service including training, spare parts and consumables.

Blue Ice Machines are the industry leaders in Slush machines across the UK and Ireland!

We offer the most popular slush machines in the UK and Ireland as they are the highest quality available.

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Why choose Blue Ice Commercial Slush Machines?

Space Saving – Blue Ice Slush Machines operate well in proximity of each other with only a minimum space required between machines allowing our customers to utilise space.

We have the largest range of Slush flavours across the UK and Ireland – Many of our customers offer a huge variety of up to 60 slush flavours!

Did you know that slush offers the highest profit margins in the food sector with profits per serving at £1.83 when selling at only £2 per cup?

One-Stop Shop – We offer all types of consumables! No need to shop around for cups, lids straws or cleaning products


What can I offer with my Blue Ice Slush Machines?

All our slush machines can offer traditional slush, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, and iced coffee!



All Blue Ice Commercial Slush Machines are simple to use, plug and play machines.

Our Slush Machines operate on a standard 13Amp plug and only need to be cleaned every 2 weeks!

Every Slush Machine will fit on the industry-standard 600mm worktop.

All our machines have a cooling/standby mode that can be left on overnight, just switch to freezing in the morning for a super-fast, 20-minute freeze.

Start increasing your profits today with our best-seller, the Blue Ice Slush Machine!

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