Your Machine


How do you guarantee you’re getting the best from your machine?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial machines, that’s how! This will ensure that you generate profit at all times and gain optimum reliability of your machine – your machine will last up to 10 years when well maintained.

At Blue Ice Machines we know how profitable your machines are and we are aware that equipment down time is the biggest potential cost to your business. Bearing this in mind we ensure to advise our customers to take the utmost care of their equipment.

As part of our support to our customers we supply you with a full maintenance plan to ensure minimum down time of equipment, keep your machine running by looking after your equipment correctly.

Slush machine
Maintenance Plan

Clean Monthly
Change Seals Quarterly
Service Annually

Soft serve machine
maintenance plan

Clean/Self-clean After 3 Days
Dissemble 7-10 Days
Self-Pasteurisation Machines 21 Days Cleaning Cycle
Change Seals Quarterly
Service Annually

Coffee machine
maintenance plan

Cleaning Cycles Weekly
Brewer Unit Weekly
Milk Pipe Weekly
Descaling Weekly
Water Filter Change Every 2 Months
Change Coffee Dispenser Monthly
Service Annually

Fizzy Slush machine
maintenance plan

Service Annually