At our head office in London, we work every day to transform our customers businesses through bringing you industry leading profit-making equipment.

Our Italian stylised automatic bean to cup coffee machine range as well as our fast freeze premium slush machine models offers our customers guaranteed peace of mind due to both the quality of the equipment backed up with the best of after sales support that the industry has to offer.

The growth of the Blue Ice brand has been significant. Starting in 2009 we have now supplied thousands of high spec profit making equipment across UK and Ireland.

Our inventory comprises of many models to ensure the machine specification perfectly suits your requirement is in stock available on a next day service to you.

We have some of the brightest people in the industry and believe that their diverse experiences and perspectives help to bring out our best ideas, drive innovation and
achieve transformative business results.

As a British brand we can offer you a fast-next day service on machines and spare parts.

We know that our responsibility goes beyond the quality of our equipment. Hence, we are always a step ahead to ensure our customers only receive the best in machine quality and
after sales support.

Established in 1997, Spaceman is a leading manufacturer, dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality soft serve ice cream, milkshake and frozen beverage
machines. Through continuous development and innovation, Spaceman has grown into one of the largest international soft serve enterprises that is solely focused and specialized in frozen equipment design and manufacturing.

Spaceman products are built with our patented, proprietary, and cutting-edge technologies in state-of-the-art manufacturing

facilities. We manufacture our equipment to the highest quality and adhere to the strictest international standards in food and electrical safety. The Spaceman brand has obtained global recognition for its world class quality and service at competitive prices. Spaceman equipment has been delivered to over 130 countries and is supported by over 50 factory trained service and support teams around the globe. We strive to improve in every  aspect of our business, products and services. Through continuous improvement and your needs in mind, we aim to solve your problems with creative ideas that work.

Frozen Carbonated Beverages all began in a small, Kansas convenience store in the 1950s Lacking a soda fountain on a hot summer day, a convenience store owner began storing bottles of soda in his freezer to serve them as cold as possible to his thirsty customers.
His customers fell in love with the slushy consistency of the semi-frozen, bottled soda. As the popularity of the slushy drink grew, he began building a machine that could serve them even faster.
The first frozen beverage dispenser machines began shipping by the mid-1960s.
For 30 years, FBD frozen beverage dispenser technology remained relatively unchanged.

Innovative technology transforms the
Frozen Carbonated Beverage industry.

In the mid-1990s, seeing a lack of consistent, reliable frozen beverage dispensers on the market, Jim Frank developed a breakthrough innovation that became FBD’s proprietary
frozen beverage dispenser technology.

While the old machines required frequent service, FBD’s innovative equipment combined multiple, new technologies to drastically reduce service while increasing capacity and durability.

By providing customers with responsive 24/7 support, high profitability, and low operating costs, FBD continued to expand throughout the 1990s and 2000s, quickly becoming the #1 leader in the industry.

We are now trusted by 80% of the world’s frozen beverage retailers who we serve from our state-of-the-art, 140,000 sq.ft. facility in San Antonio,Texas.

USA manufacturer, Blendtec is Much more than an assembly of nuts and bolts, Blendtecs are born of a passion for perfection—a
single-minded goal to be the world’s most advanced blender.

When you see a Blendtec blender in action, it’s only half the story. Every single component has been designed, redesigned, sweated over, tested, retested and put through the most rigorous paces you could imagine. And every smallest detail has a specific purpose and story of its own. Below is a short list of what makes Blendtec blenders so good – over time you’ll notice many more features that your Blendtec blender has to make your daily  blends even more enjoyable.

Family Owned and Operated
Blendtec is Utah-based and  committed to the 400+ local families we sustain. We answer only to ourselves and to you, our customer—never to profit-focused shareholders.

Founded by a Man on a Mission
45 years ago a wedding-gift blender broke, setting engineer-inventor, Tom Dickson, on a

lifelong quest to build a blender that will not break. (So far, Tom has destroyed approximately 7,000 rake-handles trying.)

Obsessed with Innovation
Blendtec is responsible for countless blending innovations and industry firsts, like our capacitive-touch interface, five-sided jar
design, and Stealth sound-dampening technology.

Crazy about Blenders
No one thinks or cares about blenders more than we do. No company is more committed to advancing blending technology and creating the ultimate blender. (We build the
blenders we want in our own kitchens.)

Driven by a Higher Cause
We thrive on the stories we hear every day about how Blendtec impacts lives. Helping people lose weight and get healthy is just the beginning. This is what drives us. It’s more than commerce, it’s our cause.