Top Gear BBC

Leading equipment supplier Blue Ice Machines are extremely pleased with the fantastic outcome of the Top Gear film, broadcasted this month on BBC.

Chris Holroyd Jones, from BBC first contacted Mindy at Blue Ice Machines 05th June 2020 looking for a soft ice cream & slush machine with a low energy consumption,

When Chris asked Mindy, (MD at Blue Ice Machines) if she wanted to get involved, the answer was an enthusiastic yes, Blue Ice Machines are well known for their flexibility and bespoke service tailoring each inquiry in line with customer needs.

“Our initial response to our customers is always “YES” we would like to assist, now let’s work out “how” we can best assist in line with customers requirement.

We are always passionate and confident in the quality of our products and service yet careful not to overpromise and underdeliver”

In line with the above, when approached by Top Gear BBC our immediate response was – we would love to get involved and we never looked back.

Working hand in hand with Chris at BBC we supplied our Model T15 soft serve table top machine, this machine has a fantastic output and operates on 13 amps plus, running on less than 2 KW.

The Blue Ice soft serve machine outperformed all expectations despite encountering some rough terrain and high speeds within its new home  – Mr Nippy, a Paddy McGuinness designed ice cream van.

Blue Ice Machines also supplied BBC with a fast freeze twin flavour slush machine which runs on less than 500 watts, the highest twin barrel slush machine available to market.  Our model MI7.5X2 sat just across our Model T15 on the Mr Nippy ice cream van.

The show was a tremendous success, whilst Chris and his fantastic team at BBC Top Gear enjoyed premium soft ice cream and slush.

Once again, Blue Ice Machines have exceeded to fulfil our customers needs in line with requirement.