We at Blue Ice Machines Ltd, could not be more pleased with the 2020 Awards given to Premier Racetrack Autoport Services, a Forecourt like no other, which has rewritten the rulebook on what a modern forecourt should look like,

Congratulations to Shamly, Vikas & Guna, your constant passion, innovation and tremendous effort which is an inspiration to all of us and Blue Ice and all of us within the Hospitality industry. We are so proud to be your chosen supplier for all your soft serve, slush and fizzy slush requirements.

Premier Racetrack Autoport Services welcomes visitors from far and wide and no one leaves disappointed, with so many choices, over 60 slush flavours and 21 fizzy slush options every customer leaves with that favourite treat tingling on their tongue.

This fantastic concept is not the only reason why customers flock to Tubbees -in Ibrox, Glasgow, it is for that special experience created by Shamly, Vikas and Guna who have put their heart and soul into delivering only the highest standards in all areas.

Robert Altken, Sales Manger, SLR, could not have put it down better:

“I am lucky to live quite close to Shamly’s, Vik’s and Guna’s store so I have had the pleasure of seeing it develop over time and I can honestly say I have never been in a store like it….it provides customers with a range they will not be able to find anywhere else”

Antony Begley (Publisher) of the Scottish Local Retailer Magazine (SLR) about winning the “Best Refit of The Year” award, announced the winner and related:

It’s a truly, truly outstanding store, 60 flavours of slush, you name it and it’s all there and a whole lot more. Get there if you can, it would be a great use of your time.
Well done Shamly & Vikas once again”

Racetrack Autoport Services have also won the Thinksmart Award

Ah well done Shamly, it’s you again congratulations and well deserved…this is a truly outstanding store and it’s innovation at it’s heart. Everything about the store is innovative “
By Antony Begley, Publisher SLR Magazine.